ECG Machines

With DSP for rock steady baseline


PC based ECG Machine with Simultaneous Acquisition

Dimensions : L 105 X B 65 X H 40 mm      |      Weight : 150 gms

  • PC based ECG Machine with DSP Technology
  • Full Frequency Response 0.05 to 150 Hz
  • Simultaneous Acquisition
  • Measurements of all 12 leads with Interpretation
  • ECG conversion possible into Image format
  • Upgradation for telemedicine
  • Simultaneous acquisition of 12 Leads.
  • Display of running traces of 12 leads split into group of 6 each.
  • Facility to send ECG data to Remote care server for expert opinion
Catalogue Specification User Manual Software Ver 4.6 Software Ver 7.0


7" Touch Screen ECG Machine
  • Comparing the latest ECG with the old one is at a click of the button
  • Save paper cost byprinting on A4 plain paper & emergency print out on 55mm thermal printer
  • Go Green ! by selective print outs in ICU, wards and camps
  • With 10000 ECG memory storage, freedom of not taking printout if not required
  • Send ECG’S through Email for second opinion
  • Facility to overwrite measurement and interpretation
Catalogue Specification User Manual